Sunday, March 30, 2014


I guess by now you can tell I love frequenting the local parks. One of my favorites is a small area inside a larger park. This is Chapman Pond, a quiet dreamy area in Myers Park. It has lots of overhanging trees laden with Spanish Moss that create beautiful shadows. 
With all the rain lately the water level very high and quite a ways over the normal shore.

The oak leaves made it look like Fall, I promise it is spring and there is plenty of pollen to prove it

 Jewelry- Avon
Sun Glasses- ModCloth
Cardigan - Target
Tank- Old Navy
Skirt - Marshalls
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes - ModCloth
 The houndstooth kitty shoes weren't my first pick of the patterns for these shoes but for half off on Black Friday I'm not going to complain. I really love them and I get lots of complements on them every time I wear them. I do wish they offered these in half sizes, the next size up would have fallen off and the size I'm at is a touch tight.

Mommy and kitten scatter pins, the earrings of the set are just like the kitten