Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Grassroots

There is a little local school is very dear to my husband's family. Today was Grassroots Free School's 42nd birthday party complete with silent auction, vegetarian pasta dinner, cakewalk, and children's play. All of the proceeds from the festivities go to benefit the school. There weren't many items that struck my or my husband's fancy but we did win all but one of the items we bid on. Our auction treasures were 4 passes for a local roller rink (I need to learn how to skate) and a large framed vintage mirror. The mirror was larger that we thought so we have to move things around to see where I can put it, I can't wait to see my whole outfits when I get ready in the morning.
I was so excited to wear my "new "skirt I got it on ebay for $4. It is a Mediterranean print and a full circular (so much fabric, it makes me want to spin in circles)

The necklace was a gift from my in-laws. They got it for me because I love turquoise, they told me to take off the shark tooth if I didn't like it but I have always kept it on because it is so unique.


Playing around on the playground

The tag from my vintage cardigan

After stuffing ourselves on amazing pasta salads, crusty bread, and fresh oranges this afternoon we didn't need dinner. Since I didn't have to cook dinner for tonight I cooked tomorrow's dinner to let the spices marry. I made a nice pot of palak tofu, it smelled so good it was hard not to sneak a taste. I used this recipe although I didn't make it vegan. I'll cook the rice fresh tomorrow while rewarming the curry.

Love, RC