Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Ever notice how easy it is to not need something when you have it but the need skyrockets when you don't have it? Case in point, my car. My husband's car needs work done so he has been driving mine for a fortnight. I don't drive much, really only one or two days a week for short trips, but now my car is not in the driveway all I want to do is get out of the house. At least this week my friend Bytes is back in town so if I really need something I can call him for a ride. I walk everyday and can hit almost anyplace I want while out and about on my 4 mile morning adventures but sometimes a girl just wants to get dressed up  (I'm not trekking in full retro get-up heels and all in 80 degree weather). I know I could take my cute vintage Schwinn road bike out but I don't have fenders for her yet and I have a feeling I would get sprayed with damp street leaves. My Schwinn, Sunny, will be featured here soon though. We have some day trips planned soon and she will be coming with me.

We got groceries for our trips this week. Day trips always need sandwiches so I got several loaves of bread. This may sound pretty normal for most people but I don't eat bread often so it always seems like a treat to me. I was craving a sandwich so I broke into the bread early.

 Never had a natural peanut butter, honey,and sprout sandwich? You are missing out. I wish I had had a banana to slice up on it too but I guess my hubby ate the last one so I just had banana chips with it.
The honey I have right now came from a coffee farm in Hawaii (the big island), it is slightly coffee flavored which is amazing. 

My cats kept me company today on the porch while I ate. I didn't even know Weezer liked peanut butter, he normally only eats dry cat food. 
Blur added in because I don't think you really wanted to see the trash cans in our driveway.

 I had fun doing my nails yesterday, I can't believe I already chipped them (grating carrots for the summer rolls I made last night no doubt).

These plates were a gift from my mother in law, I only have a setting of two so guests never get to see them unless I use them as serving plates.

Love, RC