Sunday, March 23, 2014

Camping Day 1

Everything here in town has been so busy the past couple of months it was amazing to get out into nature and forget about the modern world for a few days. My parents booked a spot in the St Andrew's State Park and let us come use part of the lot for as long as we wanted. We drove over Thursday morning and came back into town Saturday night. We would have stayed into Sunday but a large thunder cell was due to hit the beach on Sunday morning and being in a tent in the rain let alone lightning is not very fun.

After setting up camp we got on our bikes and rode down to Gator Lake. Parts of the nature trail were flooded but we managed to still have fun hiking around.
Meet Sunny, she is a 1972 Schwinn Varsity. This month is her birth month :)  They just don't make bikes like they used to, she is a marvelous piece of art. I bought her from a guy that fixes up bikes of all ages to have a little extra money. It was love at first sight, I even was wearing yellow the day I brought her home.

See the baby gator?

Here it is a little closer, he was only about 2 feet long.
The trail had very cool trees
 I love to dress up when I go out but when I am just chilling my go to outfits almost always include shorts or a short skirt and knee socks. I get my great socks from Sock Dreams.
I was impressed that my NYC $1 nail polish held up so well while camping. It did chip on the tips but we were doing a lot with our hands so I expected worse. NYC Midtown Mimosa is a nice sun yellow, I wish it was more opaque but with several coats it looks great.
The trail ended in a flooded area

After the nature walk we stopped by the pier on the way back to the campsite. These gulls were begging for a snack.

 Yum, potatoes cooked over a fire are the best!  We topped our potatoes with vegetarian chili, sour cream, and shredded cheese. I love camp food.

While dinner cooked my hubby and I killed some time juggling.
We were the stars of the campground that night. So many people go to campgrounds in RV's I think they forget what is so fun about camping, it is all about being out in nature and entertaining yourself without electronics.

At sunset we rode down to the beach and saw the lovely colors reflect off the waves. When we got back we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores with my parents.

Stay tuned for day 2
Love ya, RC