Monday, March 31, 2014


Sunday is dress casual and visit family day. The day starts with lunch at my parent's house followed by visiting with my husband's parents. This past week our favorite Aunt was in town too so we got a lot more family time. I haven't had to cook most of the week which is good because I have not gone grocery shopping since the week before camping.

I am a brony/pegasister. There, I said it.
This darling hoodie was a birthday gift from my amazing friends the year before last. Fluttershy is my favorite pony, closely followed by Twilight Sparkle, I am just like her. I am shy and easily scared, and I tend to not give my self full credit for my talents. I also am owned by a warren of fuzzy animals and a fish.
Like Fluttershy I have rabbits. My Tipsy reminds be quite a bit of Angel and almost was named after him.
The Tipsy bunny

Pastel rainbow socks from Sock Dreams

The darling necklace was made by a crafter that is currently not selling but you can find similar ones on Etsy.
The earrings were part of an art swap with a wonderful artist at Design By Any Other Name. She has large collection of beautiful items with biblical, literary, pop culture, and geektastic quotes. (Lots of Doctor Who)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I guess by now you can tell I love frequenting the local parks. One of my favorites is a small area inside a larger park. This is Chapman Pond, a quiet dreamy area in Myers Park. It has lots of overhanging trees laden with Spanish Moss that create beautiful shadows. 
With all the rain lately the water level very high and quite a ways over the normal shore.

The oak leaves made it look like Fall, I promise it is spring and there is plenty of pollen to prove it

 Jewelry- Avon
Sun Glasses- ModCloth
Cardigan - Target
Tank- Old Navy
Skirt - Marshalls
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes - ModCloth
 The houndstooth kitty shoes weren't my first pick of the patterns for these shoes but for half off on Black Friday I'm not going to complain. I really love them and I get lots of complements on them every time I wear them. I do wish they offered these in half sizes, the next size up would have fallen off and the size I'm at is a touch tight.

Mommy and kitten scatter pins, the earrings of the set are just like the kitten

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lots of Love

Last week while on vacation I got the magic email from ModCloth, Stylish Surprise. Thank goodness for the ModCloth app, I quickly ordered and when we got home I kept an eye on the mail box waiting for my package. I had hoped for a cardigan and guess what, I got a cardigan! I like a tighter cardigan (and clothes in general) but even with a boyfriend fit this cardie won me over. I mean, what is not to love about  a comfy and warm sweater covered with hearts. I didn't realize the sweater was a dark navy till I got out to shoot my twirling photos for the ModCloth contest. Oh well, I just wanted to get some fun and quirky photos and I think I accomplished that.
 Boy, it's hard to shoot yourself twirling with a timer.
I have been suffering from depression lately and getting out to twirl really helped cheer me up and give me courage to face the rest of the day.

The striped tights were from before I lost 85 pounds, they almost were falling off me. The wonderful twirly skirt was from Quarter Moon, another of my goodies I used my modeling discount on.

 I woke up with huge dancing queen hair this morning, it looked like I was in a horror movie titled Attack of the Humidity.

My fun blue nails are NYC's quick dry polish in NY Blues, it is a lovely sky blue.
This amazing umbrella was given to me by my husband's grandmother. It always sat in her living room looking beautiful and when packing up her house to move her to our town she gave it to me.
My new cardie was also perfect for a late lunch with family. We love to eat at Fanny's Cafe on the grounds of Goodwood Museum & Gardens. I paired it with a Express tank that has ombre sequins- light blue to navy. I also grabbed one of my Harajuku Lovers bags, the more heart print the better. I opted for whisking my crazy hair up into a bun to keep it out of the way.
I shot these in the rain while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive.

Lunch was amazing, I got the grilled chicken, brie, apple, and rocket wrap minus the chicken (I'm a pescatarian) with a side of potato salad and a deviled egg. I also splurged and got the strawberry shortcake. I really wish I had gotten a picture to show you how beautiful it was but when strawberries are in front of me they disappear very quickly. 
Stepping into Goodwood is like stepping into the past. I am considering being a volunteer so I can be around it's beauty all the time.
I was in charge of taking family pictures today after lunch, in between coordinating everyone and the rain I managed to get some beautiful pictures of my sister and my lovely little niece.

Pearls and Polka Dots

I am not much of a brown wearer, when it  comes to neutrals I prefer grey. This dress however is my favorite of all my dresses. I got it at a Goodwill for $8, I guess originally it most likely came from JC Penney's. It is just the right length, lined, and fits like it was made just for me. I wish I had the belt that it came with it but belts rarely make it to the secondhand shop with the dress.

 I never noticed that the polka dots were in a diagonal pattern until I looked at these photos, up close it just looks like dots.
This park was just renovated and opened to the public after many years of being in disrepair.
I fell in love with this tree because it reminds me of the cover from Tim Burton's Big Fish, which happens to be my favorite movie. I think I need to watch it again soon I need a good happy cry.

Dress- Robbie Bee
Necklace- vintage
Earrings- made by me the morning of the shoot
Clutch- Steve Madden (outlet)
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bat Girl

Today is my hubby's birthday so for a special treat we broke the rigid lunch schedule with his friends and went to one of our favorite Mediterranean places. I got the amazing vegetarian combo lunch which includes: falafel, spanakopita, vegetarian stuffed grape leaves and a choice of two sides, I got rice pilaf and hummus.  They were out of spanakopita (sad face) but they gave me extra falafel in it's place. We topped off our meal with a small piece of  pistachio baklava each, oh so yummy!


Hair flower- JoAnn's Fabric ($1)
Dress -ModCloth 
(bought for 50% off, thank you Black Friday)
Tank- H&M (thrifted)
Belt, earrings, and bracelet- vintage
Purse- Betsey Johnson (outlet)
Shoes- ModCloth

I know it is not the best light but beggars can't be choosers. The shoes got a little washed out by the sun in the photos. I hope to get better shots tonight at family dinner but it might not be possible so these are better than none.
I love the hepcat dress. I would love to own it in red and possibly the green as well. I have a large chest so I can't button  it but with a cute tank or buttoned cardigan it is just fine for day wear. At night I just wear it with a push-up bra. The side zipper gives good ease for putting on and taking off but mine is rather fussy so I normally shimmy into it with it zipped then use the zipper when I take it off.

Some of my favorite vintage earrings, even when I sell of pieces these never leave my collection

Kind of a mix of Megan Draper and Yvonne Craig. 
I was happy I was able to do a winged eye at all today, my liner brush broke and I need to get a new one.
I hadn't worn heels this high since the last time I did a fashion show. 
At 5.5 inches these put me at 5' 11" which is only 2 inches shorter than my hubby when I wear them.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Camping Day 3 -part 2

I wish we could have stayed at St Andrews forever but alas, my hubby had to go back to work on Monday and we were missing our fur-family. We had a great friend watching our furbabies, so we knew they were in good hands but one can only go without kitty and bunny cuddles for so long. 

An anhinga drying it's wings
On our way back from the pier we stopped by a bird watching dock. We saw just about every type of heron and egret that live in Florida and for a special treat we saw a juvenile Wood Stork. I couldn't get any good photos of the stork. 

We also got to see a Marsh Rabbit. I don't think I had ever seen one up close. The cute little guy let me get right up next to him, living in a State Park I'm sure he was used to people.
I think he knew we were bunny people

In the afternoon we hiked back out to Sandy Point. Being Saturday it had more people so we walked along the beach and took photos of the fresh deer tracks in the sand before hitting the trails back.

 We took our time and explored one of the paths we hadn't gone down yet. I'm glad we did because we got to meet this Snapping Turtle. We know how aggressive these turtles can be. Even though this fellow didn't seem to mind us, we kept our distance and shot this with a zoom. 
My Sock it to Me bike socks, a must have for any bike trip (my old bike was pink and these looked amazing with it)

When I found this Old Navy shirt I knew I had to have it, it had a pink bike on it to go with my bike socks

An old sunken sail boat right off the shore by the shell point shuttle dock.
We really enjoyed our trip and now we can't wait to go camping again. We really need to get a few friends to go with us. I hope we can find a few that wouldn't mind primitive camping (I hate being around RVs), although I'm not sure I want to give up running water and nice bathrooms. 

We got in town just at sunset and we splurged at our favorite dive. Since it was late when we got home we waited till Sunday to unpack. I was busy washing, folding, unpacking, and repacking everything from the trip. I didn't get to sit down much except to start sorting and re-sizing the photos from the trip. Even today I still have to put up 3 loads of laundry. Oh well, I better get on that so I can crochet a little.

Much love, RC

Camping Day 3 -Fog

We woke up at daybreak again. The weather had warmed up substantially from the morning before but it was just a touch cool and cloudy. As we ate our breakfast we watched the channel fill with dense fog. I LOVE fog! I couldn't wait to get down to the pier and see everything bathed in foggy goodness.
The fog was so thick you could barely see the other shore, a few times we lost all visibility.
The three stooges 

 I love my cupcake hat. If you crochet you can make one from my free pattern Cupcake Chapeau
If you don't crochet you can always message me and I can make one for you for a small yarn fee. 

yeah, not much make-up because I hate to doll all up while camping

So beautiful