Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Unanniversary

Today is my unanniversary. Let me explain, my husband and I got married on February 29th  2008. Today at the stroke of midnight is kind of our 6th anniversary but we won't have a real anniversary till 2016 which will be our second true anniversary. In all the hustle and bustle of my sister and dear little niece I completely forgot that today was our anniversary, I have been worried about decorating and getting ready for the baby shower. Baby Eden decided to arrive several weeks early so she could attend her shower in person.

My inspiration for the week via a crosswalk

Today I got a little time to spend with my mom. We had a nice lunch then went shopping at Goodwill. I found some amazingly cute skirts I can't wait to style, I even found a Vince Camuto.

 This afternoon I played it safe in this comfy outfit

Lips- M.A.C.
Necklace- vintage
Shirt- Goodwill
Boots- Minnetonka (old)

 When I wear this outfit again I think I will opt for skinny jeans. Mine were in the wash so I went with leggings.

 The necklace is butter soft leather with pseudo bells and feather charms. I bought it on Etsy and the seller told me she had worn it to Woodstock!

Playing with another nude nail look, it matched this shirt perfectly

Fashion Police, painting pretty pink nails, and sipping on champagne are the perfect way to chill before a busy day.